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Enovee Brushguard Gutter Guard

Now there is a smarter way to maintain efficient water flow in your gutters.

Watch: How it works

Enovee Brushguard is a winning concept that is easy to install, available in one-metre lengths and can bent into any shape to suit any corner. Maintenance is easy due to Brushguard not being fastened to your roof or gutters allowing removal and re-installation a breeze. Brushguard prickly body deters birds, rats, mice, & snakes away from the gutters & ceilings which is excellent for preventing vermin entering the roof in homes, sheds, & warehouses. If you own a water tank and have Brushguard in the gutters, less debris is stirred up creating cleaner drinking water.

Brushguard is available in specific profiles to suit Queensland, New South Wales, Victorian, South Australian, Western Australian,Tasmanian, and Northern Territory gutters. We can supply gutter guard Australia wide to suit your needs. 

We also custom make to suit your particular gutter usually at the same price and shipped in 3-4 days as we manufacture Brushguard in our Brisbane factory.  Why settle for non-Australian get direct from us the manufacturer. 

  • No glue or screws needed.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.
  • 100% Australian made.
  • High quality, long life, material.
  • Double UV treated polypropylene.
  • Prickly body deters rodents & birds.
  • Ideal for rainwater collection areas.
  • Sized to fit all gutter profiles.
  • 10 Year manufacturers warranty.
  • 3-dimensional filter ability.  
  • Easy installation.
  • Requires minimal cleaning.
  • Ausbuy certified

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