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Service, Repairs & Maintenance

A garage door is the largest moving object in a home and is often used multiple times daily,  week in and week out, for years. Like any mechanical product, they require maintenance to ensure that they perform optimally. We recommend that our garage doors and their motors are checked and serviced annually. This preventative maintenance will ensure that the warranties on the motors are maintained and that the doors will work safely and seamlessly for many years. As a bonus, if you installed and service your Enovee garage door annually with us, we will guarantee the structural integrity of your garage door (including the springs) for 10 years from date of install. 

A service by one of our expert and fully equipped technicians may only take 15-30 minutes but it is a valuable investment to make and may avoid costly garage door repairs over time. 

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Quick Tip: How to engage and disengage manual release of your door motor.