Residential Garage
Roller and Panel Doors (Victoria Only)

Reach the peak of your home’s potential with Enovee Innovations Superior range of Steel Sectional Garage Doors.


Strip Brush & Garage Door Seals

Enovee Superior Seals have been specifically designed to protect your home or garage against bush fire ember attacks, annoying cold draughts or dust & leaves from entering your premises. Superior seals are also well known in the pest control industries often being used as a very useful form of pest control against birds, rodents & insects.

Brushguard Gutter Guard

Now there is a smarter way to maintain efficient water flow in your gutters.                 
Enovee Brushguard is an award winning concept that is easy to install in all Gutter Styles and is available in one-metre lengths that can be bent to suit any gutter corners.

Brushguard simply a better gutter guard


Flue/Chimney Brushes

Enovee Flue & Chimney Brushes have been designed to efficiently clean chimneys & flues of all sizes, shapes and contours, they are available in a wide range sizes to suit 75mm thru to 500mm diameter flues and are made using hard wearing, long lasting polypropylene bristles that are strong enough to give you a great result.


Smart Water Diverter

Smart Water Diverter has been designed to suit all standard downpipes using readily available adaptors , it has an in built on/off tap with twin outlets and is capable of diverting 14000 litres of water/hr,  its 100%Australian made and comes with a 10 year manufacturers warranty.

Enovee Water diverter dual outlet low pressure high flow

Water is precious & every drop counts


Tube Brushes

Enovee Twisted-in-wire Brushes are commonly referred to by our customers as twisted brushes, tube brushes, bottle brushes or pipe brushes. Twisted-in-wire brushes are made by placing filament material in between the stem wires and then twisting the stem wires tightly to secure the filament.

They are available in short or long handle with loop, threaded or grip handle ends depending on the required application.